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360 i-Coach allows team officials, coaches and players to see for rolex replica uk themselves. This browser-based technology puts actual game, practice, recruiting and scouting footage on the computer screens of an organization’s most important talent evaluators without relying on DVDs, film or tape. Want to cross-check a prospect playing 1,000 miles away? 360 i-Coach helps you do that without leaving your office. Want to review your opponent’s defensive scheme from that last series? 360 i-Coach puts that on your laptop instantly. Want to check an at bat, see if your goalie was out of position, or make sure the fundamentals taught in practice are carried into the game? 360 i-Coach is the tool. 360 i-Coach is the end result of five years of rolex replica planning and development. In the ultra-competitive world of college, international and professional sports the winning teams are those that exploit every edge available. Hundreds of teams will soon have 360 i-Coach at their disposal. Will you?

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